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What are UA sneakers?

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What are UA Sneakers?

What are UA sneakers? (What does UA mean?)

UA means "Unauthorized authentic", UA sneakers means the unauthorized authentic shoes which are produced in the same factory and uses the same materials as the authentic pairs.

Major sneaker companies actually will not only need one shoe factory to produce their sneakers. They will find a set of factories to do that and then they will assign a certain number of shoe model to each of these factories to produce, and some of these factories will not only produce the amount of shoes which the comanies need, they will produce more than that, because they need extra pairs to replace the rejected shoes which fails to pass the quality inspection, but when the companies receive the sneakers, they start to ask another factory to produce the same pair of sneakers.

Then in this situation, the extra pairs of shoes were rejected or didn't even get to the inspection stage, because the company has already reached the quota. So these pairs are left in the factory and that's how unauthorized authentic appears. They are made in the same factory, made by the same workers, and use the same materials as the authentics. It is just that they didn't get licensed or authorized by the shoe companies. The factory then sells these shoes to shoe dealers or online stores. 

So customers do not need to worry about the quality, they are exact the same as the originals.

Are UA sneakers Real?

As we explained above, UA sneakers just don't get licensed or authorized by the shoe companies, but are made in the same factory and by the same workers which are the same quality as the real.

Where and how to buy UA Sneakers?

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author: Kyle date: 2020-04-10

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